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It’s been five years that I dedicated my time and efforts in freelance online writing and this is the only time that I decided to market myself, to make this part time job a lifetime commitment.

I am Jevannel G. Borlio and you can call me BAP.

I am a College Instructor and I teach Science subjects like Biology, Earth Science, Health Science and Environmental Science. Although my profession led me to teaching, my passion is always writing.

I discovered that I know how to write way back elementary years, when I joined the Campus Journalism School Competitions. I had a coach before who was very dedicated enhancing more my skills, which gave me more confidence. I was a Sportwriter and Feature Writer back then. At fist attempt, I was able to reach the second to the highest rank level of the competition, the Regional Finals. When I continued my journey as a student writer, I was able to qualify for the highest level of the completion, the National finals.

It was then that I realized that I have this talent because out of hundreds of students from different schools in the urban area, I was able to defeat them and placed second in the regional finals for sports writing event, and third place for feature writing.

I am from one of the schools in my province, which made me believe that writing can be my armor to become SOMEBODY.

I continued joining competitions during my secondary years and for the second time, I qualified for the National finals. Same event, same place.

Campus Journalism made me travel some great spots in the Philippines, my very own country. Those victorious moments during my younger days are my inspiration to do more with my writing skills.

Year 2011, when I had my own netbook and decided to try to get some writing opportunities. I had my first employer from India – Arshad Shaik. He was the kindest and the most generous person I knew. He trained me to do some SEO articles and to expand more my sources of income, I tried getting more employers and up to now, I am still making them happy and satisfied with my works. I have been exposed to lots of varied topics, just anything under the sun I could say. This gave me more knowledge and experience in writing with different themes, styles, formats, and tones.

If you wish to try my writing services, you can always shoot me an email!



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